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Information about receiving your embroidery file
After purchasing your design and completing the purchase by making a payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your file.
You will then receive a zipped file containing all the formats that are available for that design. (please check your embroidery machine is compatible with the formats available for that design, this is listed along with dimensions of the design, stitch count, and amount of color stops). 
Within the zipped file you will also receive a .pdf  printable run sheet with all relevant information on the design.
You will need to extract these files to your computer. To achieve this, after downloading the zip file attachment to your computer, simply right click on the folder and extract all.  Choose the format you need such as .dst, .pes or a compatible format for your machine.  You can then transfer this to your embroidery machine using a usb stick or direct link to your computer depending on your own set up. I recommend you keep all formats saved to your computer for future reference should you change your machine at any time and need the design in another format.
The download link is available for 30 days, but should loose your design or have future problems with this design, a new download link can be resent to you. 
Free software to view your design on your computer
There are a number of free embroidery viewing software's available for windows which will enable you to view your designs prior to loading onto your embroidery machine.
  • MY EDITOR: editor converter viewer, compatible with 15 embroidery formats
  • WILCOM TRUE SIZER: free embroidery editor and converter
  • MELCO SIZER: free formats converter
          There are also free 30 days trials on some software such as Embird Studio​
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